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From Anxious to Secure:

A 30-Day Guide to Create Peace & feel confident when dating

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Is your dating life filled with overthinking, worry, and insecurities?

Are you pretty sure you have an anxious or fearful avoidant attachment?

Do you want to move towards a secure attachment but don't know where to begin?

“From Anxious to Secure” is a 30-day guide to take your dating life from draining, dehumanizing, and insecure to empowering, calm, and fulfilling.

Doesn't that sound amazing?

Are You ready to move on from this?

  • Feeling confused and uneasy when dating.

  • Spending endless hours swiping and then feeling worse when you’re done.

  • Questioning your self-worth.

  • Avoiding creating boundaries with people at the beginning of dating because you’re worried you’ll “scare them off.”

  • Feeling "needy" when you meet someone new.

  • Overthinking. All. The. Time.

  • Not being able to enjoy the journey that is dating.

Many people date on autopilot, and it makes them anxious AF.


Let's take you off autopilot and bring intention to your dating life so you can feel Empowered!

This guide is packed with exercises, activities, tools, and journal prompts I not only use with my clients, but they're the same process I went through to feel secure in my love life, as well. And boy, am I glad I did. 


The idea that you have to suffer until you find love is crazy. You deserve to feel secure and confident while you date!

What people are saying:
"This guide is everything I never realized I needed as an anxious dater."

- Bailey P.

"It's been a long time since I felt this excited to date. "From Anxious to Secure" is a game-changer."

- Jordan L.

Here’s how "From Anxious to Secure" can help:

What will you learn?

"From Anxious to Secure" isn't just about dating; it's about designing a dating life that supports your confidence, which in turn helps you find that fulfilling relationship you've always wanted. After going through this guide, you can expect have:

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An understanding of

your Triggers

You'll learn what your triggers are so you can care for yourself when they happen or avoid them altogether.

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A vision for what kind of relationship would make you happiest

If you've ever felt like you keep going after relationships that make you unhappy, this guide will help! You'll walkaway with a clear vision of what will make you happiest.

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A Tool Box for


Rather than "deal with things as they come," I want you to feel equipped. You'll learn all sorta of exercises and tips to help you self-soothe when you're most anxious.

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Boundaries to help you thrive

Boundaries are meant to keep you safe, both emotionally and physically. But they look different for everyone! You'll learn what boundaries you need to thrive when dating.

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Routines to help you feel like your best self

You'll create morning, night, pre-date, and post-date routines that support youcreating ease in your dating life (and life in general).

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A re-vamp dating life (which includes your dating app profile)

Sure, we'll re-vamp your dating profile. But with all the work done in this guide, you'll finish realizing you re-vamped your whole dating life to support your peace and authentic self!

Begin Moving towards a secure dating life today!

Grab your copy of the From Anxious to Secure for only


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1 / What will I learn?

Over the 30 days, you'll learn everything from what your needs are, how to create boundaries, ways to re-frame rejection, how to overcome overthinking, why you may need a dating profile re-vamp and how to date one, what pre and post-date rituals are, and more!

2 / I'm already in a relationship, is this guide for me?

A lot of the content in this guide is for people who are actively dating. If you're newly seeing someone, this guide is for you! If you've been in a relationship for months or even years, a lot of what's in this guide won't be relevant for your dating life.

3 / I don't know anything about attachment theory. Does that matter?

Nope! I use the phrase "anxious dater" instead of anxious attachment so as to not overwhelm people. While a lot of my exercises or ways anxiously attached people move towards a secure attachment, I don't label it as such.

4 / Is this guide only for women?

Nope! This guide is for anyone who wants to feel more empowered and at peace in their dating life.

5 / How much time will each day take?

Each day is different but plan to put aside around 10-20 minutes a day to get the most out of this guide!

6 / I'm taking a break from dating. Would this still help me?

Yes! This guide is perfect to do while you're taking a break from dating. You'll feel WAY more confident when you do decide to get back into dating.

From past readers:

This guide is the perfect catch-all for anxious daters! It reads like a journal and feels like getting advice from an older sister or best friend. Each day is a little love letter to yourself :)

Erin B.


Hi there!

My name is Kirstie

I’m an author and dating coach. I’ve helped hundreds of people realize their self-worth when it comes to dating. My work has also been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Well + Good, and The Washington Post’s, The Lily. 

About 5 years ago, I went on my own journey to feel less anxious in my love life. I took a year break from dating, and during that time, I did the work to completely overhaul my love life. When I got back into dating, I felt empowered and ready to find the kind of loving partner I always wanted but wasn't ready for.

Spoiler: I found that partner!

If you're struggling to find balance in your dating life and believe you're worthy of love, I can help you!

Ready to start your secure dating journey?

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