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Secure Your Love Life
A 10-week 1:1 Coaching Program 

You're worthy of love, and I'll help you date like you are!

Tell me: do any of these sound like you?

  • Do you wish dating felt calm and fun?

  • Do you have trouble showing up as your authentic self on dates?

  • Are boundaries and asking for your needs with confidence foreign concepts for you?

  • Do you have a hard time trusting yourself?

  • Do you overthink dates and blame yourself when things don't work out with someone?

  • Are you ready to get a clear picture of your ideal partner?

  • Are you ready to know how to date to find them?

If you're nodding your head but feel like you have no idea where to start, don't worry; I got you!

The answer to dating with ease and finding a fulfilling relationship isn't to go on more dates or change who you are, at your core.


It's understanding how your choices and mindset affect your dating life!

Most people think that dating is something that should come naturally for everyone, but that's far from the case. You're a culmination of everything that's happened in your past, and that affects how you show up today!


Plus, there's a lot of unhelpful dating advice out there that can be downright confusing.

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Imagine What your dATING LIFE would be like if you...

  • Showed up as your authentic self on dates...

  • Had rituals in place that help you feel at ease before AND after dates...

  • Swiped with a profile that's designed to attract your ideal partner...

  • Created boundaries and asked for your needs with ease...

  • Knew exactly what you want in a partner and how to spot it...

  • No longer worried you'll date someone emotionally unavailable and not find out until months down the road...

  • Believed you're enough and made choices to help you foster that belief...

  • Had lots of self-soothing tools so you can healthily cope when you're triggered...

  • Dated in a way that healed your anxious attachment and moved you towards a secure love life...

  • You went through a program and had a dating coach in your pocket to guide you along this journey?

How much of a relief would that feel like? How much more satisfied would you feel with dating?

That's why I created Secure Your Love Life

It's a 10-week coaching program to help empower you in dating, shift your mindset, and feel capable of finding a fulfilling relationship.

Here's some of what you can expect:

Secure Your Love Life is Perfect for you If...

  • You're crushing life in all areas except for dating...

  • You're ready to become a boundary-setting/needs-asking machine...

  • You're done with playing games and want to be intentional...

  • You want to feel worthy of love...

  • You want to be ready for that fulfilling relationship you've always dreamed of!

Hi! I'm Kirstie

Let me tell you how this journey changed my love life...

Secure Your Love Life is a culmination of proven research, coaching tools, and mindset work PLUS everything that helped me in my own journey to finding love.

Several years ago, I took a year's break from dating.


I'd been in one unfulfilling relationship after another for over a decade. Once I realized the common denominator was me, I decided to pause dating and work on the ways I held myself from finding love (and a general satisfaction for life).


During that year, I made HUGE changes. I learned that I ignored red flags, had zero boundaries, lacked self-esteem, and was attracted to people who weren't my ideal partner.


I also uncovered a deep love for adult relationship psychology. I learned about attachment theory, co-dependency, and self-sabotage, and they greatly changed my life!

Not a day goes by that I'm not glad I made that journey. Not only did it lead to me being with my now-fiancé, but it also impacted my self-esteem and how I show up for the rest of my life!


Today, I help people go through the same journey I did (but much quicker)! My goal is to help people realize how worthy they are of love and to date in a way that shows they believe it.


What past clients have said...

"Working with Kirstie has helped me realize how much I hold myself back when dating. I now feel confident about creating boundaries and asking for what I want in relationships AND I trust it'll help me find a fulfilling relationship!"

- Sarah H.

Ready to experience a secure love life?

Secure Your Love Life includes:

🤍 10 weekly 1-hour video calls covering all the goodness I mentioned above

🤍 Monday-Friday text support so we can stay connected and you can ask questions

🤍 Detailed notes for you to look back on

🤍 Homework for you to practice/dive deeper in-between sessions

Price: $2400

(2 or 3-month payment

plans available!)

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