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Kirstie Taylor is a dating and relationship writer who found a loyal internet following through her candid essays. 


Her work has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Well + Good, and The Washington Post’s, The Lily. 


She currently lives in Los Angeles where she continues to write words that help people with their biggest struggles in love. 

words featured in:
What I Wish I Knew About Love

We're taught a lot of things in life-- math, physics, how to do our taxes (sorta)-- but no one teaches us about love.

After taking a decade of failed relationships, Kirstie decided to take a break from dating and research everything she could about how love functions. 


What I Wish I Knew About Love is a collection of essays and poems of everything Kirstie learned, along with her personal experiences. 

This book has a bit of something for everyone; whether you're getting over a breakup or stepping into the dating scene.

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