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7 Lucky girl Affirmations & how They'll benefit your love life 🤍

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Have you heard of lucky girl syndrome? It's been all over social media lately.

Boiled down: it's the belief that using positive affirmations can bring about luck in your life.

If you've followed my content for a while, you know I'm not a big affirmation/manifestation kind of girl. I love putting in the work to make changes and also acknowledging the cards you've been that could be working against you.

With that said, a positive mindset never hurt anybody! In fact, a lot of research shows how we think affects our actions and changes our circumstances, even to a small extent.

That's why I'm here to give you some lucky girl (or woman, man, person) dating affirmations to remind yourself of often, even if they don't always feel true (again-- channeling what you want more of is the name of the game here).

✨ The right person for me won't pass me up.

When applied, this means believing you can't push away a great match for you either by saying the wrong thing or acting "weird" on a first date. They'll appreciate and love all those little things about you (or, at the very least, be indifferent about them).

✨ There's an abundance of great people out there for me to date.

When applied, this means you cut off situationships with people who don't give you what you want because you know there are more people out there. You create boundaries and ask for your needs because someone who is put off by them isn't a good match for you, and that's fine since you know you'll meet more people.

✨ Rejection is a redirect to someone who is a better match for me.

When applied, you understand that rejection is just incompatibility, AND it creates space to find someone you're way more compatible with. Yes, rejection stings (we're human, after all), but you get to choose how hard it knocks you down.

✨ I make the best choices for my love life.

When applied, you don't doubt your choices so much. Anxious daters tend to second-guess all their choices, but at the end of the day, you know what's best for you. Listen to that gut feeling that you constantly ignore because you can make great choices for yourself.

✨ Dating is easy and fun

When applied, you make dating fun and easy. You plan dates you enjoy, like going to an art gallery or concert. You take care of your mental health-- might I suggest my dating guide ?-- because, without doing so, you know you easily become overwhelmed. You d your best to enjoy the process.

✨ I am enough. I am everything I need to be.

When applied, you don't question your worth when it doesn't work out with someone. You give yourself validation while dating and remember your value is inherent. You don't need to be skinnier, have a better job, or move to a different area to be "dateable;" you're all you need to be as is.

✨ I am so lucky.

And so it is 🤍


Give these affirmations a try over the next week and see how they affect you. You might think they're pointless or silly, or maybe you'll experience a mindset shift you weren't expecting.

I mean, what do you have to lose?


If you struggle with feeling insecure and overthinking when you date, check out my free dating anxiety journal prompts.

If you want to move towards feeling confident and secure when looking for love, grab your copy of my 30-day dating guide, "From Anxious to Secure."

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