Do you struggle with any of the following?

  • Feeling unconfident with the people you date.

  • Swiping for validation or seek it from your partner.

  • Feeling scared to be close to people.

  • Losing yourself in whomever you date.

  • Having trouble setting boundaries and asking for your needs.

  • If so, you probably have an anxious attachment style.

If so, you may have an anxious attachment...

Anxiety and love is one of the worst combinations.


It can hold you back from finding or enjoying the love life you really want. Plus, it's incredibly exhausting to always feel unsure and unconfident.

Luckily, your anxious attachment style doesn't have to hold you back forever.


You don't always need to feel unsure and afraid.

You can feel confident in your love life.


You can set boundaries and ask for your needs.


You can finally find someone who treats you with the respect you deserve.

It's all about becoming more secure.

This Anxious Attachment Workshop can help you do just that.

During this hour-long recording of my live attachment workshop, you'll learn:

  • What attachment theory is

  • How it affects your love life

  • (3) Exercises to build your confidence

  • (3) Exercises to help you self-regulate

  • (6) Exercises to help improve your love life

Plus, you'll be able. to listen to the Q&A from people who struggle with their anxious attachment, just like you. 

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Still not sure?
Then check out what people are saying:
Jon K.

Kirstie's online workshop has opened my eyes to personal growth and will open yours too! It will be easy for anyone to identify from one or more of the 4 attachment styles. The self-regulating activities are golden pieces, too!

Victoria M.

I learned a lot about attachment theory from this workshop and feel more confident that I can become more secure in my love life. Thank you for opening my eyes!

Sarah K.

The exercises Kirstie taught in this course were everything I needed! I knew I had an anxious attachment but I didn't know what steps I could do to manage it. I feel like I'll rewatch this a lot.